Food Sauce Media


Exclusive blogger event


Food Sauce Media assisted Levi Roots and his Caribbean Smokehouse team by hosting an exclusive event attended by food and drink bloggers & foodie journalists.

Our brief was to promote the restaurant via engaging video and social media content with the bloggers. The bloggers also took part in a Q&A with Levi Roots.
The event was promoted across social media platforms Facebook & Instagram.

Strategy & Campaign

We developed a detailed creative treatment for the client. Carefully selected bloggers/social media influencers and foodie journalists were contacted via email. The bloggers were invited to this exclusive event to come to the restaurant and sample a selection from their new Autumn menu. The bloggers were asked to document their reviews across social media and associated blogs.
The event was promoted across social media platforms Facebook & Instagram.


We worked alongside Levi Roots and his team on this campaign resulting in a positive response. All bloggers posted across social media. This also resulted in filming video content of the event for their YouTube channel. The food photography images were used as part of their NEW YEAR menu launch.

Brand Strategy

Social Media

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